TEXIN, S.A. de C.V.

TEXIN, S.A. de C.V.

Mineral de Reforma, Hidalgo.


Every company starts with an idea.

Some stay there, others are recognized, some go down in history and there are also those who lose their way… Today, we want to tell you that after 70 years, we continue to write ours…

Our idea was formed in Hidalgo, Mexico where we operate from a plant to serve Mexico and more than 9 countries in the region.

We started making shirts and little by little we added products of interest to standardize different companies. With years of experience and derived from the constant search and attention to offer specialized products, 25 years ago we started manufacturing protective clothing for very strict markets such as the United States and Canada, it was the best school we could have had.

With our TEXIN FR® brand, we have dedicated ourselves in recent years to reliably protecting the lives of people who work in risk environments hand in hand with our collaborators.

At TEXIN®, we create uniforms and personal protection garments that protect life, provide identity and generate value for our clients and users.

We ensure the best shopping experience through a quality management and continuous improvement system that allows us to meet the applicable requirements for each garment.

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