Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City.


PINEDA COVALIN is an invitation and a tribute. It represents the transmutation of ancient cultural expressions resurfacing into modern life in Latin America. It is the valuable testimony of our popular culture reflected in the mirror of the world.

It is an invitation to travel along the paths of a Mexico and Latin America that looks at the modern world through the eyes of its history, its traditions, its cultural plurality, its ethnic multiplicity and its fertile imagination. It is also a well-deserved tribute to the anonymous creators of all time who captured the cosmogony in the fantastic designs that today, as symbols, represent what we are.

PINEDA COVALIN reveals the spirit of nations through a palette of vibrant colors that evoke the culture of the regions, presenting in each collection the union of art and fashion. A fusion that shows that within globalization there are also opportunities to discover the great wealth that identifies the “global villages” and the characteristics that each region, town offers to the whole world.

PINEDA COVALIN designs are duly registered. Some of them are a reinterpretation of our iconography, traditions, flora and fauna, gastronomy, among others. In other cases, when the design is made in collaboration with an artisan, community, institute, museum or plastic artist, there are agreements for the reproduction of the work where it is authorized to capture it on our canvases, always giving the corresponding credit and royalties. Such is the case of the agreements with the Zacatecano Museum, INAH, the Bank of Mexico, as well as private agreements with plastic artists and artisans.

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