Emiliano Zapata, Morelos.


Floraplant is a 100% Mexican Company, whose beginnings started on the year 1985. But it was officially stablished on the year 1991. With the exportation of geranium cuttings.

The high demand of the cuttings and plants quickly raised up the line market, Because they were of the best quality obtaining plants in the ornamental crops for the national market allowing to increase the range of its products.

By the years the development of new varieties came up allowing the recognition of our clients in the national and international market.

Floraplant is one icon of the nurseries in Mexico with presence in the international nursery.

Floraplant is first dedicated to the production of ornamental plants, seedlings, cuttings with no root for the international market and cuttings with root for the local market, the same as the sales of inputs and seeds with the best quality in the highest quality standards.

Our sales market is based on 40% exportation and 60% on national sales and counts with the strength of labor of over 1,000 workers whose 60% corresponds to woman.

In the export business we have accomplished our sales in different countries such as USA, and CANADA as in the European Continent and Central America.

With an experience of more than 25 years Floraplant has been certify by the United States Department of Agriculture USDA for the exportation allowing us to operate under the highest quality standards. Nowadays Floraplant counts with over 800 hundred international varieties types, colors and size; due to high demand of cuttings in the USA and Europe, we have effected contracts with exclusive sell with many companies with a notoriety brand name such as DUMMEN and HMA plants.

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